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Sears Holdings EDI Purchase Order (850 document) change

posted Jul 14, 2010, 7:45 AM by Unknown user

We have a very important announcement regarding EDI Purchase Orders being sent from Sears Holdings EDI ID of 08 – 9254291001. 

Effective on Monday September 27th, 2010, we will be adding an additional N1 segment to our EDI 850 document.  This additional segment will contain your company’s 11-digit ‘Pay Duns number’ which is a field we have always required to be sent back on your EDI Invoices and ASNs.  We do send multiple N1 segments and this NEW N1 (N1*RE) will be the last one sent.

(PLEASE NOTE that in the following examples ‘01234567890’ is only being used as an example.  DO NOT use this number as your 11-digit ‘Pay Duns Number’; use what is actually sent to you.)

In the 850 Purchase Order the new segment will be:


In the 810 Invoice you must send back (current requirement, not a change):


In the 856 ASN you must send back (current requirement, not a change):

N1*SF*vendor name*92*01234567890

 What you need to do:

Prior to 9/27/10, you must ensure your EDI system will handle the additional N1*RE segment.  Ideally your system should capture the 11-digit ‘Pay Duns number’ and use that field on the corresponding Invoice(s) and ASN(s).  How you plan to utilize the field is up to you, but be advised that this field is required for your Invoices and ASNs to successfully process!

Once again, these changes ONLY apply to orders being sent from 08 – 9254291001. 

Additionally you will see a change to the actual ‘NAME’ sent in the N1*ST segment.  The ‘NAME in the N1-02 field will now more closely represent the actual name of the facility you are shipping to.  If you currently do not utilize this field, then you will not even notice the change.  If you do utilize the field, just be advised that you may some changes to the name. 

Finally, In the 810 Invoice and 856 ASN is it HIGHLY recommended that you utilize and fill in the PER segment.  This segment is used to provide us with your current EDI contact information.  As I am sure we have all experienced; it is nearly impossible to keep all contact lists up to date.  If you have not already done so, we would strongly suggest you create a ‘Group’ email account for your EDI Team. 
Any questions regarding this notice should be sent to and be sure to include your EDI ID

Thank you very much for your assistance.

EDI Support

Sears Holdings