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Easylink Services - ICCNET ISP Migration

posted Mar 5, 2010, 8:38 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 5, 2010, 8:44 AM ]

EasyLink has deployed an enhanced gateway for the ICC.NET VAN. The enhancements include the deployment of new servers and a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) which will enhance the platform infrastructure. Due to these enhancements, you must migrate to the new platform by May 28, 2010.


Action You Must Take


For FTP access, complete the following steps:

  • Test FTP Access from your production server(s) to (IP Address
  • If you are able to do a ‘dir’ or ‘ls’ command after logging in, no other action is required for FTP.
  • If you cannot connect or cannot get a folder listing, you may have to change firewall settings.  Your network administration group must open your firewall for FTP access to (IP Address
  • Change production scripts after successful connectivity testing to access the above FTP server.

For access to the Applet (Document Management Tool), complete the following steps:

  • Test browser connectivity to (IP Address
  • If you cannot login or the Applet window at the top of the web page indicates a “Communication” failure, your network administration group will need to change additional firewall settings:
    • Open Ports 80 and 443 on your firewall to enable HTTP and HTTPS access to the above servers.
    • Open Port 6850 on your firewall to enable ICC.NET access.  This enables TCP/IP outbound connections to (IP Address

For all other access methods:

  • If you are using EasyLink Push/Pull (we connect to your servers), AS2 Connection, VPN Connection, MQ Connection, Managed File Transfer (MFT) Service or any other connection method, please contact us to schedule testing and a migration date.

If you are not sure how you connect to ICC.NET or if you have any questions about this migration, please contact EasyLink’s Customer Support staff immediately:


US Toll Free:

(888) 422-4401


(678) 823-4514




VAN Services Support

EasyLink Services International Corporation


If you require assistance contact