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CVS - Moving EDI traffic to Sterling Network

posted Mar 30, 2010, 9:41 AM by Unknown user

CVS is converting all EDI traffic to Sterling Collaboration Network.


The conversion to the Sterling Collaboration Network will be effective Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 10:00 AM ET, and the change will affect all EDI transmissions between our two companies.  The conversion will require minimal effort on your part.  Please read the following carefully:


1.     Our communication ISA qualifier & ID will remain the same. 











2.     Our communication send/receive times will remain the same.


3.     If you are currently using Sterling Collaboration Network to trade with us, Sterling Commerce will perform the conversion on your behalf.  If you have a Sterling Collaboration Network mailbox and are not currently using it to trade with us but would like to, please notify Sterling Commerce at 1-800-677-3027.


4.     If you will not be using a Sterling Collaboration Network mailbox to trade with us, Sterling Commerce will contact your VAN on behalf of CVS.  You will also be required to submit an official request to your VAN to set up / approve the interconnect to Sterling Collaboration Network on behalf of your company.  Please forward this letter to your VAN as part of your official request prior to April 14. 


5.     VERY IMPORTANT:  It is required that you, as the owner of the ID, contact Sterling Commerce by completing the partner survey located at

 to confirm your EDI ID(s) and VAN.  In the event Sterling Commerce does not have your ID(s) routed correctly by the conversion date there could be an interruption in your data.    


6.     Please update any internal records in your translation software or communication software that may reference our use of Easylink, or Descartes (TranSettlements) as a VAN.


7.     IBM/Advantis customers:  If you use internal table settings, please be sure to update your tables on April 14 to reflect our use of Sterling Collaboration Network. Please contact IBM/Advantis to verify that the settings below for Sterling Collaboration Network are correct.

Account:  VANS                  User ID:  ORMAIL

Please be aware that failure to update your internal tables may affect your ability to send and receive data with us. If you have questions regarding how or if you need to do this, please contact IBM/Advantis.


Transmissions between our two companies will be monitored closely by us and Sterling Commerce during the conversion process. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sterling Commerce at 1-800-677-3027 or



EDI Manager