Merchant Visual ASN for Accpac - Version 2009-10-09

posted Nov 16, 2009, 11:47 AM by Mauran Nadarajah   [ updated Nov 16, 2009, 12:01 PM ]
  • Dates synchronization between Visual ASN and ERP was fixed.
  • Archiving of Master BOL in Express and Standard Visual ASN editions
    was fixed.
  • Modifying of order/shipment dates and/or carrier in ERP causing
    corresponding changes in Visual ASN database, i.e. order date and/or
    requested  date will be updated not just in Visual ASN order, but also
    in shipment,header (if shipment has been created already for updated order )
  • Items synchronization with ERP Accpac was fixed.  Before any changes for existing items in
    Accpac did not trigger corresponding changes in Visual ASN database.  Now user can synchronize
    one existing item or all depending on option selected.
  • If the user selects,creates and packs the shipments in a batch mode, items
    are going to be packed in sequence.
  • If by mistake ERP order was invoiced before Visual ASN finishes its work,
    user will be able to proceed in Visual ASN without synchronization with ERP.
  • Resolved issue with the Server Agent hanging in case customer used timers for both – Accpac synchronization
     and Accpac update simultaneously and at the same time Job Costing module in Accpac was used. 
    Now Server Agent will not let this happen.
  • Resolved issue when incorrect Fiscal Year in Accpac did not generate an error.  Now extra checking will be done by
    Server Agent to make sure ERP update was successful.

New Features:

  • User's got the opportunity to choose what date to use for filtering
    Pick Orders – order date or requested ship date
  • User will have the functionality to delete Pick Order from Pending View,
    depending on corresponding status of order/shipment in ERP system.
    For example if the order was put on hold, or shipped and invoiced,
    corresponding PK order can be deleted.
  • The functionality added to update ERP carrier even without StarShip
  • For Standard Visual ASN (MAS edition) an option to send or not packing
    info to ERP was added.
  • For Standard Visual ASN (MAS edition) the synchronization of optional
    fields was added
  • In sorting tree control of each view (Pending, Current....) user will have an
    option to display Customer Name as a tool tip.
  • Container info was added to Quick View mode on Packing Area.
  • In Visual ASN Admin option to shrink transaction log during backup
    was added
  • Search function for Customers list was added in Visual ASN Server Agent
  • Functionality to automatic addition of a new ERP customer(s) has been added
    to Visual ASN Server Agent
  • The display of most important SQL Server settings was added to Visual ASN
  • Added functionality for assigning of a lot number and expire date to the package.
  • Added functionality for adding (setting) of a new container directly from
    Packing Area.
  • If the user uses Terminal Services to run VASN Remote ID setup will be available
     so Label Printer Settings will be saved for each remote machine.
  • Pick Order optional fields have been added for compliance check
  • Adjusting Visual ASN for working with SQL Server 2008
  • Option to limit the number of order processed in the same session for MAS
    was added to Visual ASN Server Agent.
  • The functionality of making label printer as a default Windows printer
    during label printing process
  • Added functionality to import to Visual ASN already packed shipments, which can come
    from EDI 945 document, WMS or any other system, which will create .CSV files according
    to the specs.
  • Enabled UOM Classes creation for Express and Standard Visual ASN editions.  This will allow
    users to create Auto-Packing rules for Equivalent items.