Merchant for Accpac - Version 4.0.50

posted Mar 2, 2009, 7:41 AM by Mauran Nadarajah

Critical Enhancement

Now when we get an 850 with N1 segment containing ship to code followed by space and the Freight Lane Code, while posting 850, the ship to code ignores the Freight Lane Code.

New column "Short Name" has been added to screen 894. This column appears between the customer No. and Ship to columns. This field pulls the Short Name from the Accpac A/R Customer screen for the associated customer number.

Now when posting 945 with Lot Tracking No, process is stoped if lot item is missing a lot number.

Now we have added the functionality to assign the serial number from the LIN segment on 850 to each shipping label. Now, the functionality to calculate the UPC/EAN check digit has also been added and will be added to the right of the serial number on the shipping label.

Feature Request

When trading partner resends 850 with the same PO but with different quantity or price, Merchant is now not going to post it in ACCPAC as a new order. It will check the BEG segment of the EDI and look for the two digits after following that word and prompt the user for what action to take and guide the user with proper message.

Now when we get an EDI with BEG '01'(Cancellation) and try to post this order, Merchant will refuse to post it and display an error message indicating that this is an order cancellation.


Documents 830 and 862 shows the date correctly and the proper document heading is added.

Ship date field was not populated when autopack in 856 was used and was not picked up in 753. Now the ship date is being picked up from the EXP SHIP DATE from accpac in the 753 document correctly.

Now when translating the inbound documents, if the advanced setting is used for the related customer and the id is set as *ABC or ABC*, we do not get any more errors and it shows the related customer id after posting 850.