Merchant - Version 4.0.54

posted May 25, 2009, 8:39 AM by Mauran Nadarajah

Clicking the Save button in Packing for Shipment window generates error. Fixed the error: “During manual pack after items have been packed and the "Next" button has been clicked if data is entered or modified (ie. BOL No) then when the "Save" button is clicked an error is generated. The error is: Target table is already engaged in a relation.”.

When packing SOIP the arrow does not always accurately show which carton has the focus. Fixed, now the arrow always points to the correct carton.

Records are sometime being created in packing-related tables with blank ShipKey. Fixed, now the blank ShipKey won't be created in packing-related tables.

Cloning of carton fails when manually packing SOIP. Fixed, now the Cloning button works for SOIP.

Posting Carrier to Accpac Ship Via based on 5-digit code. Fixed, extended the length of SCAC field to 10 characters.