Merchant - Version 4.0.52

posted May 25, 2009, 8:38 AM by Mauran Nadarajah

Merchant - Documents disappear from new inbox. Fixed: “If, while posting an 850, the user cancels out of either the item or the location mapping screen without completing the operation, all status flags on the document are cleared and the document no longer appears on any tab in the inbox. If the user tries to search for the document, error messages appear and the document cannot be seen once the find window is closed.”

Print after post causes error in Merchant A4W. Fixed: “After translate and post, click Print and errors occur – 'File access is denied...'”.

Add Vendor Number and view PO button to Ship To Mapping Screen. Added Vendor Number and view EDI Document button to Ship To Mapping screen.

812 inbox report showing $0 total. Fixed: “The test 812 the customer is to use consistently has no total on report. Other test 812s do show a total on report.”

Pick list and Barcode labels not printing in Item number sequence. Added Option Box in Label Setup Screen and Document Option Screen, user can choose to sort it by Item Number or by Carton Number.