Merchant - Version 4.0.51

posted May 25, 2009, 8:37 AM by Mauran Nadarajah

Adding new field to Accpac Optional Fields messes up Inbound Mapping. Fixed the error: “ If you have existing optional fields setup, and have performed inbound mapping in Merchant, if you add a new optional field in Accpac that alphabetically comes before one of the mapped fields your mapping will get messed up.”

Posting optional field error - Record already exists

fixed: “User gets the error - 'Optional Field - xapiViewInsert() error. Status: Warnings - ACCPAC function xapiViewInsert() return 65837 Order Optional Field - Record already exists.', when posting info into a Auto-Insert optional field in Accpac”.

Document Options screen - refresh problem. Fixed the error: “when we go to the Document Options screen -> select a different customer -> then click a different tab, the screen doesn't refresh, it still points to the previous customer.”.

Pass the item info for related customers to Visual ASN. Merchant just sent the item info for primary customer in previous versions, now Merchant will send the item info for primary customer and all the related customers to Visual ASN.