Express Edition Version 4.0.55

posted Mar 2, 2009, 7:32 AM by Mauran Nadarajah
The detail information in the P01 segment of an incoming and inbound 850 can now be  mapped.
The additional column "Mark For" has been added next to "Ship To" column in the invoicing screen.
Multiple allowance codes can now we added and saved in the Customer allowance setup screen.
System will now allow to create an ASN for a item that has been short shipped without encountering errors
The problem of part numbers that were not setup  for the trading partner showing on pick orders has now been fixed.
The SAC (allowance) can now be appropriately split in different pick orders when a sales order contains multiple stores.
The date can now be changed and the import screen refreshed when an invoice is imported from History in MAS90/200 without experiencing an error message
Invoices can now be imported from MAS200, with the null value in the field NOTES or comment lines in the Invoices without encountering an error
When exporting to MAS90/200 the header optional date field2 can now be included in the export file
Now orders may be posted without error, to 2 differnt MAS customer's with the same name but different divisions regardless of a  tax schedule being set up for each customer errors.