Recommended Operating Procedures for an EDI Department

This list is to serve as a general guideline for SOP's regarding EDI, it will be updated as needed.

  1. Have your specs for every trading partner (and each transaction) you do business with available. Download the spec and keep it available and make sure other staff members know where to find it – there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to locate a spec when the main contact is out of the office, especially unexpectedly. This includes label specs.

  2. Know who your trading partners are, and maintain a listing of all the contacts at a trading partner, a email address, web address to download specs or get information, and phone numbers. Ideally maintain a main and a backup contact at each TP site. Review and keep this list updated – we recommend to touch base with the TP and the contact there to verify information twice per year.

  3. Look at your specs – know which version you are using. If requesting a new (to you or new due to spec change) template make sure you check the quote and that what is quoted matches the version number that is on your spec (i.e. version 4020 ver 5010 etc)

  4. Establish transaction transmission guidelines and expectations with your trading partner - how soon does the 856 need to arrive at the company, how soon will the company send a 997 for your outbound transmissions, how soon does the company expect a 997 for the transmissions they are sending you. Document this and have a copy available for others in your organization

  5. Establish a backup person at your organization and make sure they know where to find any relevant information - who will take over if you are unexpectedly out of the office for a day or two or longer and there are questions about the EDI.

  6. Make sure Edisoft has a list of all contacts from your organization that might contact Edisoft for support

  7. Maintain a list of your VAN's being used, the contacts there and which trading partner is associated with each VAN.

  8. Back up your data.