Ticket Priority Criteria

1- Urgent

  • Live Environments Only
  • Items stopping business from continuing - System Down, Communications Failing, ASNs not going out, DB Error, Labels not printing
  • Immediate assignment to Tech
  • Implementation ONLY if LIVE and Business stopped
  • Immediate Call Back

2 - High

  • Live & Test Environments
  • Implementation Type of calls
  • Reopened call
  • Needs to be Looked At but not stopping business
  • Priority Customers,
  • Critical bugs
  • Critical template change needed (immediate)
  • Same day

3 - Medium

  • Change needed to software

  • New label or template needed (2-6 weeks out)

  • non critical bugs
  • enhancements
  • “How do I?” Questions
  • same day - 24 hour call back

4 – Low

  • “Nice to have” features
  • suggestions
  • customer called and messages left multiple times with no return call from customer
  • Questions about why things work the way they do
  • Comments about s/w
  • call can be moved to Low Status when more than 3 messages have been left for customer over a period of 48 hours with NO RESPONSE
  • (these type of calls will be closed after a set time period if not responded to by customer


Example of Priority 1 Call:

We can not send an ASN and we have a truck at the door.

We can not receive our 850 orders for JC Penny.

Transmission of our Invoice (810s) to Walmart is failing.

We are unable to communicate with any of our VANs.

We can not print our label and we have to ship.

We need to get our new trading partner Walmart up and running this week using the Implementation Expedited Service.

Example of Priority 2 Call:

I need to set up a trading partner (Target).

I am getting the error “XYZ 123” when I am trying to look at the invoices.

We need to reopen ticket 157XX from 2 weeks ago – the problem has reoccurred

Our current production carton label for Sears US needs an immediate change made to it.

Example of Priority 3 Call:

Target has changed their EDI specs for 810's so we need the template to reflect these changes.

The changes will be applicable 6 weeks from now.

When I go to such and such a screen – I need to hit F5 to refresh twice before it refreshes

Example of Priority 4 Call:

We would like to change a sort order in a certain screen.

We really like the VASN product but would like to see XYZ added to it in future releases.