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Connectivity error in Merchant and VASN upon logging in but Visual ASN and Visual ASN Admin is able to log in. Periodically, Merchant and Visual ASN will change the password for the SQL Server user EdisoftUser in order to meet password security requirements introduced in SQL Server 2005. Occasionally this can result in a password that contains characters that may not be handled correctly by Merchant Express, preventing it from connecting correctly to the Visual ASN database. When this happens you will find that you can successfully log in to Visual ASN or VASNAdmin, but Merchant Express on logging in will display a Connectivity error and information cannot flow between Merchant and Visual ASN. If this occurs, the following must be done to correct the error: 1) If necessary, SQL Server 2005 must be upgraded to service pack 2 (version 9.0.3042 or higher). 2) If necessary, Merchant Express must be upgraded to version 4.0.52 or higher. 3) If necessary, Visual ASN must be upgraded to version 2008.3.6.3 (database version 20081008, database release 61) or higher. All December 1, 2008 
Getting Syntax Error # 10 - Method: CREATEBARCODE Please have a look at the "temp" files path in Environment Variables in Windows. Change the "temp" path to %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp. To get to the Environment Variables page go to Control Panel, System, Advanced Tab, Environment Variables and editing the "temp" path.  All Merchant Suites February 3, 2009 
Unable to save mailbox user id and/or password. Most likely the Edisoft software is on a drive/directory that is setup as "Read Only". The administrator will need to remove the setting and the user id and / or password can be saved.  All Merchant Suites February 3, 2009 
Tempdb is full in Microsoft SQL. Refer to Microsoft Article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307487 Visual ASN March 10, 2009 
Error" Template # is not registered" The template in question is not included in the s/w license - please contact Edisoft Support to investigate.  All Merchant Suites March 26, 2009 
Array Error  Array Errors can be caused by many different reasons - we've listed a few here, if none of these are applicable please contact Edisoft Technical Services for further investigation All Merchant Suites March 26, 2009 
Array Error - The size of the file  is too large  Reduce the size of the file All Merchant Suites March 26, 2009 
Array Error - The database is corrupt  Update the database All Merchant Suites March 26, 2009 
Array Error - DTM02 is empty  Ask Trading Partner to resend EDI files All Merchant Suites March 26, 2009 
Array Error - There is a problem with the template when creating 856, 810 etc Contact Support All Merchant Suites March 26, 2009 
Indexing Error  "Index does not match the table" Problem:  The database may be corrupt  Update the database All Merchant Suites March 26, 2009 
Is updating my database and upgrading my s/w the same thing? No updating your database is simply reorganizing files to get rid of any errors found due to structure and will only affect the performance of your database by speeding it up or eliminating errors, upgrading your s/w is moving to a new version of the s/w and may require some training on additional functionality of the s/w All March 26, 2009 
What does "recreating my views" mean  Refresh views of ERP tables Accpac, Great Plains etc. All Merchant Suites March 26, 2009 
How do I install my template that was just emailed to me? (1.) Make a copy of the H0000XXX.* files (mapping tables)  in your company data folder. (File types CDX, FPT, IGT) (2.)Go into the TEMPSETS directory (3.)Rename c000XXX.set to c0000XXX.old (4.)Copy(or save) the template that was emailed to you to the TEMPSETS directory. (5.)Start Merchant (6.)Go to the Maintenance---Trading Partner Templates (7.)Click Install and point to the c0000XXX.set file in the TEMPSETS directory. You will be prompted with the following questions: Do you wish to use the latest EDI information ? Say No. Do you wish to retain the mapping? Say Yes. In Trading Partners make sure The Trading Partner is showing template XXX. Note: XXX – is a placeholder for the actual template number in question.  All Merchant Suites March 30, 2009 
How to create ODBC link (1.) Go to Administrative Tools - ODBC - System DSN (tab) ( 2.) Add SQL Server: Name edisoft_DBNAME(accpac) (3.) check SQL Server with Authentication (box) (4.) check Connect to SQL Server (box) (5.) Enter Login (6.) Enter Password (7.) Change default DB to(AccpacDB) (8.) Click Next (9.) Finish (10.) Test Data source  Visual ASN April 28, 2009 
MAS address length limit The EDI X12 standard allows for 2 address elements (N301 and N302) of up to 55 characters each. Merchant Express Sales Order address lines will be truncated to 40 characters each. MAS 90 address lines can contain a maximum of 30 characters, address information in excess of 30 characters will be truncated on the MAS Sales Order. Merchant Express April 29, 2009 
Sears orders where the ship to field (N104) contains the DC# and a dock #. Where Merchant requests constant mapping of the same ship to code due to the dock code changing.  Because the dock # is constantly changing, Merchant is never able to find a ship-to match in Accpac. The latest releases of Merchant 4.0.54, and Visual ASN 2009,3,7,3* resolves the issue. * For Visual ASN you must have the latest SQL Server Service Pack 2 installed. Version ending with 3042 or higher.  Merchant for Accpac Windows May 5, 2009 
How do I acquire new shipping labels? Please contact Edisoft Sales to purchase additional shipping labels. E-mail: sales@edisoft.com Phone: 416-299-0030 ext 1 All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
How do I go about making changes to my barcode/labels? Changes to labels must be made by Edisoft's Compliance department. To request a change please email Technical.Services@edisoft.com. Please include any new specifications that your Trading Partner has provided.  All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
What is the procedure for installing pallet/carton labels files in Merchant? Take the pallet/carton label file and copy it in the labels directory which is located in the Edisoft\Merchant\Labels sub directory. All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
How do I add a trading partner? (1.)Contact sales@edisoft.com and request a new template and Merchant.lic (2.) if the trading partner template needs development obtain and forward to Edisoft the TP EDI Specifications (3.) request that your VAN service add the new Trading Partner to your mailbox (4.) request test transactions from your new Trading Partner.(5.) contact technical services at Technical.Services@edisoft.com for an installation appointment if required. All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
I get a message that a table in my database is missing or invalid, what should I do? A message indicating that the table is missing or invalid is caused when the index of the database is corrupted and the link to that table is broken. To repair this, first backup your database, then perform a database maintenance/upgrade database function. You will be prompted when the process is complete. In the rare instance that the database becomes so corrupted that the software is unable to repair the problem you will get an error during the database maintenance/upgrade database function. If this happens, please zip your database and call Edisoft Technical Services. The database will have to be sent to Edisoft for repair. Your Edisoft Technical Services representative will provide instructions on sending the database to Edisoft.  All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
My customer orders in a different unit of measure than I stock. i.e. Customer orders in cases and I stock in eaches Edisoft can convert customer units of measure to your stocking units of measure for creating pick tickets and invoices and then convert back to the customer’s units of measure when sending outbound documents.  All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
How do I find/display transactions? Click the Inbox button to display your inbox. Click Find to search for incoming transactions. Enter a value to search for (e.g. a purchase order number) in the Search For field, select a field to look for this value in (e.g. Reference #), then choose either First Match or All Matches and click the GO button. Any documents located will appear in the list – to view one, select it in the list and click the Select button. All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
How do you do a back up for Merchant data? Go to the directory where the company folder is located and right click and copy this folder. Then, paste this folder in another place either on your local machine or server. All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
What do I do if my transactions were not received by my trading partner? For FTP van users Check your outbox for transaction status(1.) Pending = Transaction ready(2.) Enveloped = Ready to send (3.) Sent = Transmission complete (4.) Accepted = Acknowledgment received (5.) Rejected = Errors..Check/contact your VAN service for confirmation of transactions sent and forward to your Trading Partner..obtain dates, times, and process confirmation number..Reset status and resend transactions check send/receive logs for errors..contact technical.services@edisoft.com for further diagnosis All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
Where else can I go to get information. http://support.edisoft.com..Your EDI business experience, while often times complicated, is not systemically designed to give you a coronary. Help is always a phone call away.Both of Edisoft's Sales and EDI Technical Service Teams are happy to answer your questions, or provide helpful advice on where, or from whom, to acquire the answers you're looking for. Our team can be reached during our regular business hours of 9am- 5:30pm EST/EDT via telephone 416.299.0030 x2 for Technical Service, x1 for Sales or via email Technical.Services@edisoft.com, Monday thru Friday excluding statutory holidays.We look forward to helping you in any way we can. All June 25, 2009 
How do I handle error messages Edisoft is currently developing an extensive on-line self help knowledge base to better meet your self-service needs.  http://support.edisoft.com/announcements In the meantime however, error messages pertaining to program issues should be addressed with our EDI Technical Service Team at Technical.Services@edisoft.com or 416.299.0030 x 2..Please have details of your error message on hand;  a screenshot of the error message would be extremely helpful.  To grab a screen shot of the error message press the PrtScn button on your keyboard (usually located to the right of the F12 key), this will copy an image of your screen to your clipboard, then open up Microsoft Word or WordPad and Paste your clipboard item into a blank document.  You may then email the document as an attachment or fax it to 416.299.1276 Attn:  EDI Technical Service All June 25, 2009 
I'm unable to log in Refer to the database maintenance walk through at Http://support.edisoft.com All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
My datafile exceeds 2 GB. What do I do. Purging old records from you database will reduce the file size. For instructions on purging please refer to http://support.edisoft.com/documentation All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
What is the normal processing time for EDI transactions This is dependent on the size of the file, the size of your database, and whether you are running the software locally or across a network. Processing times can vary greatly.  All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
How do I correct a rejected transaction. Eg. 810 The first step to correcting documents with errors is to acquire clear and specific details regarding the nature of the error..ie. Inquire about what segments/elements are in error. With a copy of your trading partner's specifications on hand, you can then assess what data will populate and/or remedy the error...Errors may be caused by missing data, or changes in your trading partner requirements.Edisoft's trading partner template kits are designed for versatility, and as such can be modified to a certain degree with user defined mapping fields. You may adjust your mapping, or engage our EDI Technical Service Team to assist...Trading Partner Templates that require modification of non-user-mappable fields due to specification changes/modifications should also be addressed through our EDI Technical Service Team... Technical.Services@edisoft.com or 416.299.0030 x 2  All Merchant Suites June 25, 2009 
Is it possible to archive/delete unwanted documents from the software? Yes, all Edisoft products have the ability to purge both incoming and outgoing documents from the database. All June 25, 2009 
Is there a way to create an invoice without the pick order? Yes, You can create an invoice from a Sales Order or by importing an Invoice using the Merchant import specs: http://support.edisoft.com/documentation/MerchantImportandExportSpecs.pdf?attredirects=0 Merchant Express July 24, 2009 
Login menu appearing when using VASN There is a circumstance where if any of the workstations using VASN have a different time (greater than 6 minutes) the login password (which changes regularly) may not match. This is a transient situation which is self correcting. This screen may also appear if the login time is exceeded due to busy network or server response.VASN workstations can be synchronized with the Microsoft time server. See this link for details: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307897 . We are aware how this occurs but it should be very infrequent as the passwords only change every two weeks and also make sure that each workstation has the same version of the Sqldbcreator.dll.  Visual ASN July 27, 2009 
Synchronizing Item Information When item information is imported into the Merchant for Accpac Inventory Item Setup remember to click the Synchronize with Accounting button to populate the Accounting Base UOM field. The Accounting Base UOM field must contain a value when trying to synchronize with Visual ASN, otherwise item information will not be sent to Visual ASN. Merchant for Accpac Windows July 27, 2009 
Importing Item Information When item information is imported into Merchant for Accpac Inventory Item Setup, the name of the file being imported must not contain special characters such as "(" or ")". Merchant for Accpac Windows July 27, 2009 
Microsoft Server 2008 Information When Merchant for Accpac is installed on Microsoft Server 2008 make sure that the Merchant Company folder does not contain special characters such as comma (,). Otherwise, there could be an error when trying to run Refresh Views. Merchant for Accpac Windows August 13, 2009 
Cannot create LinkedServer when creating VASN Database One thing to look at when for what ever reason VASN Admin cannot create a linked server connection to your ERP systems database is the "Server Roles" in SQL. Ensure that the Server Role for the user EdisoftAdmin is set to "securityadmin" and "setupadmin".  Visual ASN August 26, 2009 
What should I look out for if I am getting an error when I am trying to refresh views in Merchant for Accpac? Check if are you running Merchant for Accpac on Microsoft Server 2008 – if so check the Merchant company folder for special characters like commas or apostrophes & remove them. Merchant for Accpac Windows September 10, 2009 
Are there any advantages of using the Seagull drivers over the windows drivers for labels? Yes, it has been noted that they may improve print speed – one customer noted print jobs cut to a minimum of 25% of the time it took before. Improves print quality – some mfg drivers can result in random blank labels and other minor formatting issues. Seagull seems to consistently correct these. All September 10, 2009 
What does the error message "Synchronization with Visual ASN cannot be completed until full setup has been completed. Please finish all setup processes" in VASN for Accpac – what does it mean? Users of Visual ASN for Accpac should be aware that when new inventory items are added to Accpac they first need to be added to Visual ASN before they can be properly processed in Merchant. This would include posting orders with the item on them as well as manually configuring item part numbers, unit of measure conversions, and other information in the Inventory Item Setup screen. If the items are not first added to Visual ASN you will see the message "Synchronization with Visual ASN cannot be completed until full setup has been completed. Please finish all setup processes." The items will subsequently appear in Visual ASN without manual intervention, but may be missing critical information (e.g. UPC Number).New inventory items are normally added to Visual ASN automatically by the VASN Server Agent program, but since this program runs on a cycle a minimum of 3 minutes in duration (optionally more), it can take up to a full cycle for the new item(s) added to Accpac to appear in Visual ASN. To ensure that the new items are added to Visual ASN you can wait a full cycle, then check the Items list in Visual ASN. Alternatively, you can trigger an immediate execution of the update cycle by opening VASN Server Agent, opening the File menu, and selecting Synchronize.  Visual ASN September 10, 2009 
I have some large SQL log files that are name Edisoft_****_Log.LDF in the MSSQL folder. How can I reduce the size of these files? In Merchant Visual ASN Server Admin click on File and then Preferences. Under Backup Database you can click on Shrink tempdb. If you run regular backups you can also put a check in Shrink database and transaction log before backup and when the backup is run it will automatically shrink the log when the backup is run Visual ASN October 29, 2009 
I need to re-create an ASN but Express says it's already been sent and won't allow me to recreate In the Pick Order screen the ASN number was stored. To remove it go into the PK and click on the Ship To Info tab. On the right side you will see the ASN#. Remove it and click on save. You will now be able resend the ASN.  Merchant Express December 30, 2009 
When I go into the 810 screen I see invoices from years ago. How do I remove / purge them? In Accpac ensure that the invoices are not still open. Once completed Archive invoices and they will be removed from Merchant  Merchant for Accpac Windows December 30, 2009 
Microsoft is releasing Windows 7–will my Edisoft solution still work if I upgrade my system? Yes, Windows 7 RC1 (32 bit) has been tested with our products although different drivers may be needed. All December 30, 2009 
I'm setting up a new trading partner who wants to trade documents via AS2. I already have a VAN connection. Can I not use them to trade documents?  Depending on your VAN, some offer AS2 translation. example: Easylink is one of the VANS that offer AS2 translation. You would need to contact your VAN to see if they offer AS2 translation with your trading partner. All December 30, 2009 
I pay Annual Maintenance for each of my templates - what does this fee cover? The annual maintenance fees cover any trading partner driven changes to the premapped template values that are included with the template. Any type of professional service that has been engaged in to install the updated template or update the configured values on a client’s system is still subject to billing at $190 per hour. All December 30, 2009 
I imported my items using the Import specs on the Edisoft Support website, http://support.edisoft.com/documentation. I created the Excel file and imported. Now my documents are rejecting because of an invalid character in the item codes.  Some Excel cells have formats and / or formulas in them. The file must be saved as a CSV, or TXT file to remove them and then import.  All March 4, 2010 
What does the error message “Other user is working on this company – please select another company” mean when I am trying to sign into Merchant?  The login message indicates that Merchant is in use by another user. Please use the Task Manager Program to determine which user has Merchant open and have them log off the program All Merchant Suites March 4, 2010 
What is the procedure to request a new template or s/w ? The model that we should be following is this. A new template request is made to Sales (or the message passed to sales to coordinate a request). Sales will contact the request and start a “Information Gathering document” (a spreadsheet that lists a series of questions) Sales will request the specs.. The specs are provided to sales then sales co-ordinates with our template group to evaluate the requirements according to the information gathered on the spreadsheet (i.e in accordance to business procedures 7 specs) and establish if a change is needed to an existing template, a new template is needed, if other modules are needed to accommodate, if there is a software change needed and issue this information back to sales. If required, a RFQ – “Request for Quote or Modification” form is filled out by the requestee and submitted. This is what triggers Consulting to get involved, and create an SOW. If there is no need for a RFQ then a quote is issued to the client. (if required an initial scope document is created by sales at this point and passed to the requestee for approval and signature) Once the scope, quote or SOW has been issued and signed off – it is then passed to Technical Services – Implementation (not Support) a ticket is created for the implementation. We do have a strict policy that Edisoft personnel not download the specs on a client’s behalf as the relationship exists between the client and the trading partner not with Edisoft and the Trading Partner.  All Merchant Suites  
Are there any advantages of using the Seagull drivers over the Windows drivers for labels? Yes, it has been noted that they may improve print speed – one customer noted print jobs cut to a minimum of 25% of the time it took before. Improves print quality – some mfg drivers can result in random blank labels and other minor formatting issues. Seagull seems to consistently correct these. All Merchant Suites August 13, 2010 
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